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Using Universal Laws For Sales Success

Would you like to sell more, become more, and experience fulfillment and peace of mind with ease?” Good news – you can!

About The Author

Rhonda Petit is a Sales and Business Peak Performance Coach with 35 years of Sales and Sales Management experience in Corporate America in the life sciences and diagnostic markets.

She began her sales career after graduating college with a dual major in Chemistry and Business Administration. She has experience working in Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

Today she works enthusiastically with corporations and Individuals embracing the champion mindset, who know school is never out, who want to continually grow to unleash and activate more of their true potential and power.

She helps people discover their deepest desires, leverage the untapped potential in their hearts, activate their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals so they can create the life they want and realize true fulfillment.

Rhonda is a seasoned Sales Professional, a certified coach, leader, and in-demand speaker and author.

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Book Synopsis


This is not your typical sales book.

However, it does contain a timeless message for anyone and everyone who endeavors to sell products in the marketplace. Selling is an art, something you do for people not to them.

There are universal timeless laws that govern success in selling and those same laws govern everything that occurs in nature on this planet. Human beings and interactions are governed by these laws, yet this application is not taught in schools.
I believe selling is 95% mindset, 5% mechanics. If you have a desire to understand the greatest asset you possess, your mind, and how to use it to earn sales and sell more, this book is for you.

The premise of this book is to study universal law and apply it to selling. It is illogical to think emotion is your power source, yet it is. The promise of this book is the principles are where all the answers lie.

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Did you ever wonder what it is you do not know, that holds you back?

What prevents you from breaking that glass ceiling and achieving more?

Do you find yourself settling with your sales results, rationalizing that this is as good as it gets?


Get Into The Spirit of Selling!


Study & understand the
timeless principles of universal law and how they apply to selling

May this knowledge allow you to raise the standards of selling to a new level of excellence.


Watch your confidence will soar! You will make decisions on purpose, with ease, based on what you want, not what you have. You will recognize where you have been giving your power away and with your new awareness how to take it back and channel it for good.


Remember this. You are the cause, the sale is the effect. Give and Serve. The answers to any challenge you ever face in selling can be found in the principles. Align with law versus luck.


In this book, learn and laugh as you read the stories of an unconscious competent and an unconscious incompetent.

For those who come behind me, may this book provide you inspiration and a new perspective on selling that is principle centered.


Listen Up!


The premise of this book is to study universal law and apply it to selling. It is illogical to think emotion is your power source, yet it is. The promise of this book is the principles are where all the answers lie.

I encourage you to study the principles because they are timeless. I share my deep understanding of the universal laws and how to apply them to selling. I share stories from my failures to demonstrate why ignorance can punish you severely.

 My hope is that my stories will make you laugh and allow you to learn from my mistakes without having to make them yourself. My intent is for you to become a conscious competent on why you win when you win. The world is never out to get you. Challenges show up to teach us something.

Learn about the power of your competence vs. the force of mechanics.


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I only wish I had this information when I began my sales career, that’s why I wrote this for you.

This book is for the future generation of salespeople. Stewardship is an act of leaving a place better than you found it. I am part of the baby boomer generation who were taught to focus on being good at mechanics.


It is my hope and vision for those that come behind me, that this book provides a new perspective and blueprint on selling that is principle centered. That you get a jump start ahead of me and take the baton and move the field to a new level of excellence.


That all sales people and business owners will embrace and adopt the true spirit of selling. And in doing so, future generations will recognize and respect the true sales professional and more people will experience the ultimate customer experience.